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It sounds revolutionary because IT IS. With Captura your factory will become incredibly Smart.

Captura is the integral system that your factory needs to become a true Smart Factory.

Thanks to its compatible application suites, you will have the tools your plant needs and when it needs them. Start installing new functionalities and features step by step, and you will see how the performance and profitability of your plant improve to limits that you cannot imagine.

Industrial Evolution

From the first industrial revolution, with steam machinery, to the fourth industrial revolution, where connectivity is the differentiating element. Captura’s ecosystem acts as an integrator of all the enabling technologies that your plant needs to apply them in the production processes of your factory.


Steam Engineering


Assembly Line


Industrial Automation

What is Captura?

The system that your factory needs to become a true Smart Factory

Captura implements the Smart Systems Architecture, which is used by all the smart devices on the market, whether they are Smart Phones, Smart TVs, or in this case Smart Factories, and which is made up of 4 basic layers:

  1. Hardware / Equipment: it represents the physical part of any device or an industrial plant that can be controlled and managed digitally.
  2. Operating System: digitization layer, which communicates each of the physical parts and makes them work together to achieve a greater purpose than when they work individually. This layer provides the complex functionalities that all hardware working together can provide.
  3. IGraphical User Interface (GUI): interaction layer of the end-user with the system, comfortably and simply.
  4. Applications: specialized programs that carry out specific functions in a simple way.

Turn your production plant into a Smart Factory

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El eje central de Captura

The first Operating System for Smart Factories

Captura FOS (Factory Operating System) is the core piece that makes up the nervous system of your factory and connects all the parts of your plant, creating communication channels between physical machines, digital systems, and people.

The first web desktop

to manage your factory

Manage and run all Captura FOS’ compatible applications from your web desktop. Configure the system to your own style, integrate third-party applications and manage everything from any device. The sky is the limit!

Captura’s application suites

A whole universe of solutions that are tailored to the needs of your plant

Captura MES (Manufacturing Execution System) offers an ecosystem focused on managing your production process. It will provide you with the necessary tools to optimize your plant processes and handle all the needs related to production.

Captura WMS (Warehouse Management System) is our warehouse and stock management system. It simplifies the tasks of managing warehouses and locations in your plant. The best of all is that it integrates itself 100% with Captura MES, linking your warehouses with the consumption centers through the logistics management of your plant.

Captura Inmótica (building automation) brings together the technologies applied to the intelligent control and automation of buildings, adapts to your needs allowing efficient management, improving the use of energy, and an extra contribution of safety and comfort, immediately and in real-time.

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