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Esycontrol’s Solutions

To complement Captura’s functionalities, we offer a wide range of solutions that will facilitate the control and monitoring of your factory.

Business Label Printer
Automatic Applicators
Laser Marking Systems

Fixed Terminals
Mobile Terminals

QR and 2D Codes
Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

We develop and produce complete automatic marking projects for injection molding stations that include:

Security enclosures

Marking systems

Software Captura

Display screens

Maintenance screens

By combining user equipment and identification methods, we get that a picking system coordinates with multiple systems and serves as a communication interface with all of them, including, among others:

Wearabale devices PDA

Hand barcode reader


We design terminals as they adapt to the needs of each client, for example:

PC-Based architecture + Touch screen

Standar Hardware

Widely used industrial equipment

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Turn your production plant into a Smart Factory with our technological solutions. Contact us and discover how to step into the new industrial era. Are you ready?

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