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At Esycontrol we provide the technology that factories need to face the present and future of the new industrial era.

We offer technological solutions for the industry intending to develop simple, reliable, and smart systems that help to optimize and control the production processes of your factory, increasing its competitiveness. We strive to offer the highest quality in our products and service to our clients by working with commitment and great enthusiasm.

Less is more

Simplify your factory’s management and increase its productivity

Creamos soluciones para la mejora de tus procesos productivos


the system your factory needs to become a true Smart Factory

Simple incorporation of enabling technologies

Efficient management of your factory

Connectivity among all productive assets

Integration of the “Smart Architecture”

More than 20 years introducing

technological advances to the industry


An important part of our resources is dedicated to the development of new products that solve real problems for our customers, applying the latest technologies.

Innovation is our core business and is imprinted in the DNA of the entire Esycontrol team.


We put all our efforts into each project so that quality and service are always perfect.

We form a unique team with our clients to ensure that we always achieve the desired objectives.


We promote learning and continuous improvement to offer the most modern solutions to the problems raised.

Our continuous monitoring of technology allows us to provide the most modern and appropriate solutions adapted to the needs of our clients.

Let’s start working Smart!

Travel to the future of the industry with our technological solutions!

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