Captura FOS

The first Operating System for Factories, created to digitize and provide intelligence to manufacturing plants

What is Captura FOS?

The first Operating System to manage factories intelligently

The core piece that makes up the nervous system of your factory and connects all the parts of your plant, creating communication channels between physical machines, digital systems and people.

Your whole factory integrated into the same system

Centralized communication

Control everything from one point: machines, digital systems, and people

Enabling technologies

You will be able to integrate all the enabling technologies, manage them and apply them to your factory effortlessly


It has a firm and constant data storage infrastructure

Captura FOS

Digital modeling and plant monitoring

Model your plant and check its status at any time, in real-time

Exchange of information

Connect all the elements of the production chain in real-time

Hardware Management

Control all devices: machines, logistics systems, marking systems

Drivers and interfaces

Allows connectivity with all the assets of your company

Communication APIs

For any existing factory system


Possibility of generating drivers and specific functionalities necessary for each project

Technical service

Support and assistance on the use and operation of the product

Evolutionary maintenance

In constant development, adapting and updating to new needs


Allows you to see the status of all parts of the system in real-time

Optimiza tus procesos productivos

Optimize your productive processes

Welcome to the Smart Factory

All the enabling technologies are integrated into the same system. You can manage and apply them to your factory effortlessly to take advantage of all their benefits and quickly, easily, and efficiently solve complex problems.

With Captura FOS, you will have within reach a distributed system that communicates and connects each element of the production chain (machines, workers, middle managers, managers, external systems, processes, etc.)

Captura FOS generates a constant flow of information in real-time, available to any user.

Let’s start working Smart

Turn your production plant into a Smart Factory with our technological solutions. Contact us and discover how to step into the new industrial era. Are you ready?

Optimize your factory, Make it Smart



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