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Would you like to increase the efficiency and profitability of your warehouse? It is time to speed up your materials management and increase the precision and productivity of your factory. Get in touch, it will be available soon!

What is Captura WMS?

The management system for the control of warehouses and stocks

Captura WMS provides all the necessary and updated information on your stock levels and their location. It is perfectly integrated with the needs of your plant thanks to Captura MES. Manage multiple storage areas within your factory, define locations, manage inventory, facilitate picking, and much more.

Control of warehouse and stock

All the necessary and updated information of each existing stock in your plant

Nowadays is no longer enough to have a physical place for storage, control, and supply of materials. You also need to have exhaustive control management that provides you with all the necessary and updated information about all the movements of the logistics cycle. With Captura WMS we go one step further, providing you with an application that offers ecological information, with an efficient transmission system in real-time.

They allow you to manage multiple storage areas within your factory, define locations, manage the order processing, take inventory, and many other functionalities related to your material stocks.

With the mobile applications, warehouse workers will carry out and confirm the picking and movements of each reference. The most convenient solution for each particular case, especially when you need both hands free to carry out your work

With Captura WMS you will have an application that will allow you to know the status of your stock in real-time, and carry out all the necessary procedures related to your references.

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Control de almacenes y stock

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