Captura MES

If you are looking for optimal control of your plant production that allows you to reduce costs and improve productivity in real-time, Captura MES is all you need.

What is Captura MES?

The suite of applications that monitors and documents the productive management of your plant

Captura MES gives us the necessary information so that the people responsible for the manufacturing process can better understand how to optimize plant conditions and improve production efficiency. This fact provides a quick response by reducing bottlenecks and identifying incidents and documenting them to facilitate maintenance.

Manage your production process

Analyzes all the information of your production plant in a simple way

It provides you with the necessary information to better understand how to optimize your plant conditions and improve production. It collects data in real-time about the status of the machines, stops, and their possible causes. This allows a quick response reducing bottlenecks and identifying incidents and documenting them to facilitate their maintenance. These utilities are distributed among different elements:

They include all the functionalities that your plant needs. They are responsible for communicating with the production agents, taking orders, and reporting what happened in the plant.

Each plant application meets the specific needs according to the purpose required at its point of use.

From these applications, all the information necessary for the performance of the functions in the plant can be parameterized. You will be able to set out your plant’s structure, the available assets, register references and the different ways to obtain them, users, imperfections, stops, and so forth. All that will generate a signle model that defines your plant and your production process completely.

They allow communication among the existing machines in the plant and with external systems that may exist in your plant. Whether they are logistics systems, ERPs, or automated systems of any kind.

WApps (Web Applications) are simple, intuitive, and, above all, very useful. They allow managers to monitor factory processes in real-time and from anywhere.

Captura MES Solutions

A universe of functionalities that grows every day


Production Control

Ability to know and process all aspects related to serial production


Management of information related to the manufacturing and logistics process


Manage where in what order, and in what way it should be produced

Machine connection

Add communication capabilities with machines

Documents and warnings

Document management tool for the plant, updated in real-time

Connection with logistics systems

Communicates solidly with own and third-party intralogistics systems


Management of the requirements for each operation based on the current training of the worker



It allows visualizing the system data in real-time thanks to a powerful filtering and graph generation tool: OEE, faults and breakdowns, tooling changes, etc.


Shows all the information associated with the plotted element (piece, container, set) interactively. Moreover, it has a simple and powerful search engine. So you will have all the information in your hand


Represents, graphically and intuitively, the status of the machines and services that are part of Captura

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